Arthritis In Pets

How to Manage Your Pet's Case of Arthritis

As our beloved pets age, they become more susceptible to various conditions, and arthritis is one that should be on your radar. If you suspect that your canine or feline companion has arthritis, Silicon Valley Pet Clinic is here to provide assistance. Bring your pet to our Santa Clara location, and we will provide the necessary treatment. Veterinary care can minimize the impact of arthritis on your pet's quality of life. Continue reading to learn more about this condition and how your veterinarian will treat it. 


Symptoms and Causes of Arthritis in Pets

Recognizing the early symptoms of arthritis in pets can be challenging. You might attribute your pet's reluctance to run or jump around to him "not being in the mood," without realizing there's a deeper meaning behind it. As the condition worsens, your pet may pass on opportunities to play and instead rest more, which is a significant development, especially if your pet is typically quite playful.

There are also physical symptoms to monitor. Observe your pet's movements and see if he is walking slower than usual. You may notice stiffness in his movements and signs of laboring. Even getting up after lying down may become more challenging for arthritic pets. Lameness in your pet is a significant red flag, and it's crucial to seek treatment before it reaches that point. So, why has your pet developed arthritis? It could be the lingering effect of a previous injury, or it may be related to natural wear and tear. Additionally, heavier pets are more likely to experience this condition.

How Does a Veterinarian Treat Arthritis in Pets?

While there is no cure for arthritis in pets, you and your veterinarian can effectively manage it. Your pet's veterinary care regimen will likely include the creation of a new meal plan to help him lose weight and alleviate pressure on his aching joints. Weight loss can also encourage your pet to be more active.

Collaborate with your veterinarian to create an exercise routine that works for your pet. It doesn't have to be intensive, but it should keep your pet active. Physical rehabilitation can also help get your pet moving. Medication is another tool your veterinarian can use, with anti-inflammatory medications offering effective pain relief. In some cases, surgery may be the only option if the aforementioned methods are no longer effectively managing your pet's arthritis.

Get Effective Treatment for Your Pet's Arthritis

Ensure that your pet enjoys his golden years by effectively managing his arthritis. Silicon Valley Pet Clinic can help with arthritis and more. Contact us today at (408) 248-3844 or visit our Santa Clara location to schedule a consultation for your pet.


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  • "My dog Buster was in pain and wasn’t acting like himself. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Gill ASAP. He did a remarkable job during the initial exam to diagnose the problem and recommend additional treatments/services to relieve the pain Buster was in. After doing X-rays and blood work it was determined my little guy was suffering from intervertebral disc disease."
  • "This place was awesome. They took such good care of my giant Rottweiler during an emergency. They even called the next day to check up on her. The price was reasonable too. Went back again and the treatment was great yet again. Love that they stay open late and open everyday. So convenient. Thanks guys for treating my girl as is she was family!"
  • "I’m planning to travel with my baby cat. In order to do that she has to do a Rabies Neutralization Antibody Testing from certified lab. I was lucky to reach out Dr. Gill. He explained to me throughly and helped me to get it done. I would recommend Dr. Gill to everyone who needs professional and friendly help on their loved pets."
  • "I’m very happy with the service and prices of the Silicon Valley Pet Clinic. I have gotten quotes from other vets around and SVPC offers the best value! I took my dog in to get some growths removed and get this teeth cleaned."
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  • "I was very nervous to have her spayed, especially after going through an episode of Giardia. She has been dealing with poop that is not consistent and we are doing some probiotic treatment."