Critical Vaccinations For Cats And Dogs

Your pet's health requires you to provide exercise, feed them well, and keep them safe from pathogens. While you're fully in charge of the first two aspects, the third requires the help and expertise of your vet to make sure that proper vaccinations are administered on-time. We're going to take a look at the vaccinations that your pet needs to stay healthy and why it's so important to get them on time. If you're looking to get your pet's vaccinations up to date or other veterinary care in the Santa Clara area, the dedicated vets at Silicon Valley Pet Clinic are here daily to keep your furry friend healthy and happy.


The Most Common Cat Vaccines

While cats and dogs both share some common threats like rabies, they do both have differing vaccinations that are both common and required to keep them healthy. The fact that most feline pets are indoor companions does change the recommended vaccinations a bit, but cat biology is understandably different and the schedule of shots is as well.

FVRCP: Sometimes called "feline distemper", this protects against fatal viruses like panleukopenia. It's typically administered between 6-10 weeks of age and it's critical to get done, especially if your kitten will come into contact with other cats. This particular vaccine is administered in three doses, with another given at 11-14 weeks and finally at some point after 15 weeks for the last dose.

Feline leukemia: Another highly important vaccine, feline leukemia is usually fatal if not prevented. This one is administered between 11-14 weeks and again after 15 weeks.

Rabies: Many states now require even indoor cats to have the rabies vaccine, and it's administered usually after 15 weeks.

The Most Common Dog Vaccines

For dogs, some diseases are more common based on exposure, but ultimately your vet will suggest the following vaccines for all dogs. For dogs, the majority of their vaccinations are given at the same time in intervals, starting at around 6 weeks of age, over 3 separate vaccinations, culminating at or just after 16 weeks of age.

Parvovirus: Parvo can kill puppies if they're not vaccinated and it's incredibly hard to treat.

Distemper: Distemper affects both gastrointestinal and respiratory functions in dogs, and there is no real treatment besides prevention. A dog who contracts distemper can only have their symptoms treated and they might not survive, which is why it's so important to have these vaccines administered.

Canine hepatitis: Another disease with few treatment options and vaccination is the best course.

Rabies: Regardless of where you live, regular rabies vaccinations are legally required for dogs.

Vaccinations Are the Best Chance of a Happy Life for Your Pets

Starting from about 6 weeks for both dogs and cats, vaccinations are critical to keeping them from contracting infectious diseases. Depending on your pet's exposure risk to other infections, your vet might suggest other vaccinations as well. Schedule an appointment with Silicon Valley Pet Clinic in Santa Clara to discuss what vaccines your pet needs, when you need to have them administered, and when you'll need to get boosters. Contact us today at (408)248-3844 to ensure a long, healthy life for your furry friend.


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