Surgical Services


Spaying – We suggest having your female cat or dog spayed to prevent pregnancy unless you want lots of puppies and kittens running around. This surgery is used to protect your pet against bacterial infections, reproductive tract diseases, and several types of cancer. This is a routine surgery in which your pet’s ovaries and uterus are removed.

Neutering – We suggest having your pet neutered if you have a male cat or dog. This is a surgery in which the testicles are removed. It helps decreasing overpopulation and protects your pet against several types of cancer as well as sexually-transmitted diseases.

Soft Tissue Surgery – Removing foreign materials from the gastrointestinal tract, removing tumors, and many more are the examples of soft tissue surgery.

EXTRACTING FOXTAILS – A foxtail makes reference to a sort of plant seed, from the foxtail weed. At the time of the spring, they sprout up, usually in unoccupied lots, along with the edges of grass lawns or wild fields. Ostensibly, they have the mien of a stalk of wheat. The complications with foxtails left unprocessed in the ear area of an animal are that it can pass down the ear canal and inserted itself into the eardrum. This settles in much quavering of the head, scraping at the outer ear (pinna) and usually a humping of the head tilted to one side. This will often require veterinary intervention at this point.The veterinarian will often inspect both ears with an otoscope, to locate all veiled offenders, and then will take help of an alligator forceps traveled into the ear alongside the otoscope to extract the foxtail.  As per some of the affairs, sedation of the dog will be needed to bring down the risk of penetrating the eardrum with the forceps if the dog twitches at the incorrect time.

Orthopedic Surgery – We can repair fractured bones and ruptured cranial cruciate ligaments (similar to an ACL tear in humans), and other orthopedic problems. We’ll let you know the best options for your pet’s health, as nothing is as important as your pet’s wellbeing.

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What our patient say

  • "My dog Buster was in pain and wasn’t acting like himself. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Gill ASAP. He did a remarkable job during the initial exam to diagnose the problem and recommend additional treatments/services to relieve the pain Buster was in. After doing X-rays and blood work it was determined my little guy was suffering from intervertebral disc disease."
  • "This place was awesome. They took such good care of my giant Rottweiler during an emergency. They even called the next day to check up on her. The price was reasonable too. Went back again and the treatment was great yet again. Love that they stay open late and open everyday. So convenient. Thanks guys for treating my girl as is she was family!"
  • "I’m planning to travel with my baby cat. In order to do that she has to do a Rabies Neutralization Antibody Testing from certified lab. I was lucky to reach out Dr. Gill. He explained to me throughly and helped me to get it done. I would recommend Dr. Gill to everyone who needs professional and friendly help on their loved pets."
  • "I’m very happy with the service and prices of the Silicon Valley Pet Clinic. I have gotten quotes from other vets around and SVPC offers the best value! I took my dog in to get some growths removed and get this teeth cleaned."
  • "My 16 yr old cat Pete had some green discharge coming from his eye. I recently brought a feral kitten in to care for that my cousin found. I figured that Pete probably got scratched in the eye from the little guy."
  • "I was very nervous to have her spayed, especially after going through an episode of Giardia. She has been dealing with poop that is not consistent and we are doing some probiotic treatment."