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Spay & Neuter Services at Our Santa Clara Veterinarian Clinic

At the Silicon Valley Pet Clinic, our Santa Clara veterinarian team proudly offers safe, efficient, and affordable spay and neuter services. Spay and neuter offers a surprising number of benefits—not only to animals, but to their pet parents and the communities they live in, as well!


Benefits of Spay & Neuter for Cats and Dogs

Spay and neuter—the surgical desterilization of domesticated animals, including cats and dogs—is a common veterinary procedure that is good for:

  • Your pets: animals who are spayed or neutered have a lowered risk of certain health and behavioral problems (including some types of cancer, aggression, roaming, territorial marking). Research also suggests fixed animals tend to live longer than unfixed animals.
  • Yourself: spayed female cats and dogs do not enter heat nor experience menstruation, which otherwise can create quite a mess. Spaying and neutering is also cost-effective since it helps you avoid expenses incurred for pregnant animals and their offspring.
  • Your community: spay and neuter prevent unwanted pet pregnancies. This is critical for reducing pet overpopulation—a serious problem which already contributes to the euthanization of millions of dogs and cats every year. Preventing unwanted pet pregnancies also helps reduce the number of stray cats and dogs which can pose serious risk to animals and people in your neighborhood.

When Can Pets Undergo Spay & Neuter?

Most health experts recommend getting your kitten or puppy spayed at or before five or six months of age. If your pet is healthy, they may be able to get spayed (in females) or neutered (in males) as young as 2 months. Talk to our Santa Clara veterinarian team if you have specific questions about your animal.

What to Expect During Your Pet's Spay or Neuter Procedure

Before your pet's spay or neuter, we may ask you to refrain from giving them food and water for a certain amount of time. This reduces the risk of complications from general anesthesia, which your pet will be under during the surgery for their comfort and for staff safety. 

You can expect a spay to take anywhere from 20 minutes to 90 minutes, and a neuter to take anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the animal. During the procedure, small incisions are made and the animal's internal reproductive organs (ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus in females, testes in males) are removed.

After the procedure, we will tell you how to care for your animal and teach you what signs and symptoms to look out for (such as signs of infection or bleeding). 

Is Your Pet Ready to Be Spayed or Neutered?

Contact Silicon Valley Pet Clinic at (408)248-3844 to schedule this important procedure today!

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What our patient say

  • "My dog Buster was in pain and wasn’t acting like himself. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Gill ASAP. He did a remarkable job during the initial exam to diagnose the problem and recommend additional treatments/services to relieve the pain Buster was in. After doing X-rays and blood work it was determined my little guy was suffering from intervertebral disc disease."
  • "This place was awesome. They took such good care of my giant Rottweiler during an emergency. They even called the next day to check up on her. The price was reasonable too. Went back again and the treatment was great yet again. Love that they stay open late and open everyday. So convenient. Thanks guys for treating my girl as is she was family!"
  • "I’m planning to travel with my baby cat. In order to do that she has to do a Rabies Neutralization Antibody Testing from certified lab. I was lucky to reach out Dr. Gill. He explained to me throughly and helped me to get it done. I would recommend Dr. Gill to everyone who needs professional and friendly help on their loved pets."
  • "I’m very happy with the service and prices of the Silicon Valley Pet Clinic. I have gotten quotes from other vets around and SVPC offers the best value! I took my dog in to get some growths removed and get this teeth cleaned."
  • "My 16 yr old cat Pete had some green discharge coming from his eye. I recently brought a feral kitten in to care for that my cousin found. I figured that Pete probably got scratched in the eye from the little guy."
  • "I was very nervous to have her spayed, especially after going through an episode of Giardia. She has been dealing with poop that is not consistent and we are doing some probiotic treatment."