Lameness & Limping

If you have a cat or dog that has been limping or is showing signs of lameness, have a veterinarian check over his condition to determine the cause and appropriate treatment for the problem. Contact Silicon Valley Pet in Santa Clara, CA to get a pet exam as soon as possible.

Lameness & Limping

Signs Your Pet Is Suffering from Lameness or Limping

If you notice that your pet is struggling to get around as easily as he has been able to in the past, he may be dealing with a medical condition that requires intervention. Your pet may avoid putting pressure upon one of his paws in an attempt to alleviate pain and discomfort. He may whimper, bark, or meow if you touch the affected area.

Reasons Why Lameness and Limping Occurs

Lameness can occur at birth. Your pet may have a deformity that makes it difficult for him to use one of his legs. This will be noticeable right away and can possibly be remedied by a veterinarian. If your pet has been fine in the past and lameness occurs suddenly, it is usually the result of an injury to the leg or foot. This could be caused by your pet being hit by a vehicle, getting a foot or leg trapped in a tight location, arthritis, obesity, or being bitten by another animal.

What Our Vet Will Do to Help

When you bring your dog or cat to our veterinarian for a pet exam, our veterinarian will conduct several tests to determine what part of your pet's body had been injured. This is done by manually moving the affected extremity using gentle motions. Your pet may have a broken bone or damage to his nerves in the affected leg. Our veterinarian will use x-rays to check the interior of the body for signs of a problem. We may need to treat your pet using surgery or medication to help heal the affected area of the body.

Your Pet’s Mobility Matters

If your pet is showing signs of lameness or limping, contact Silicon Valley Pet in Santa Clara, CA as soon as possible to make an appointment with our veterinarian for a pet exam. Call our office today at (408) 248-3844 for more information.


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What our patient say

  • "My dog Buster was in pain and wasn’t acting like himself. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Gill ASAP. He did a remarkable job during the initial exam to diagnose the problem and recommend additional treatments/services to relieve the pain Buster was in. After doing X-rays and blood work it was determined my little guy was suffering from intervertebral disc disease."
  • "This place was awesome. They took such good care of my giant Rottweiler during an emergency. They even called the next day to check up on her. The price was reasonable too. Went back again and the treatment was great yet again. Love that they stay open late and open everyday. So convenient. Thanks guys for treating my girl as is she was family!"
  • "I’m planning to travel with my baby cat. In order to do that she has to do a Rabies Neutralization Antibody Testing from certified lab. I was lucky to reach out Dr. Gill. He explained to me throughly and helped me to get it done. I would recommend Dr. Gill to everyone who needs professional and friendly help on their loved pets."
  • "I’m very happy with the service and prices of the Silicon Valley Pet Clinic. I have gotten quotes from other vets around and SVPC offers the best value! I took my dog in to get some growths removed and get this teeth cleaned."
  • "My 16 yr old cat Pete had some green discharge coming from his eye. I recently brought a feral kitten in to care for that my cousin found. I figured that Pete probably got scratched in the eye from the little guy."
  • "I was very nervous to have her spayed, especially after going through an episode of Giardia. She has been dealing with poop that is not consistent and we are doing some probiotic treatment."