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Getting help for your four-legged friend is important when they aren't feeling their best. If you're in the San Jose, CA, or Santa Clara, CA, area and looking for veterinary care, we at Silicon Valley Pet Clinic & Urgent Care can help. With conditions treated that range from general services to emergency care, you and your pet can get the support they need from us.

Why Choose Us for Your Veterinary Care?

Choosing us for your pet's veterinary care can be the first step toward making sure your pet is getting the right support for their health needs. Just like people, pets need the right kind of help and care over their lives. They can develop health conditions or experience injuries, and they should also have regular checkups, as well.

We know how much you value your pets, and we can treat them like they're our own. Taking care of pets and making sure they're as healthy as possible is what we do. You can rely on us to care for your pet properly, and help find the best option for treatment when it comes to any health conditions they have.

Why Are Conditions Treated So Important?

When you're looking for veterinary care for your pet, you want to work with a veterinarian and team who treat a number of conditions. This can help give your pet a better chance to have a good quality of life, and get any needed help all in one place, especially if your pet has multiple health issues. Because we can help treat numerous conditions for your pet, you can get the right help at the right time.

We can help treat many conditions, including:

  • Coughing and Sneezing
  • Lameness and Limping
  • Metabolic and Endocrine Problems
  • Pet Dehydration and Heatstroke
  • Pet Illness
  • Pet Ear Infections
  • Vomit and Diarrhea

How Should You Choose a Veterinarian?

Finding the right veterinarian for your pet can be important. You want to be sure you've chosen someone you can trust and rely on, giving you peace of mind. We are dedicated to making sure every pet we care for has what he needs, and every pet owner has good information to make knowledgeable decisions. 

Get a veterinarian who will explain your pet's condition to you, and give you suggestions and options for care and quality of life.

Visit Us for Veterinary Care

If your pet needs vaccines, is experiencing an emergency, or there are other conditions he needs help with, we at Silicon Valley Pet are here. Reach out to us today if you're in the San Jose, CA, or Santa Clara, CA, area, and let us work with you on the veterinary services that will help your pet stay healthy and happy.

We focus on a large number of conditions treated because we know it's important to provide care and support for your pet. By contacting us, you can work with a team of professionals to ensure your pet gets the care he needs. Call us at (408) 248-3844 for more information.


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What our patient say

  • "My dog Buster was in pain and wasn’t acting like himself. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Gill ASAP. He did a remarkable job during the initial exam to diagnose the problem and recommend additional treatments/services to relieve the pain Buster was in. After doing X-rays and blood work it was determined my little guy was suffering from intervertebral disc disease."
  • "This place was awesome. They took such good care of my giant Rottweiler during an emergency. They even called the next day to check up on her. The price was reasonable too. Went back again and the treatment was great yet again. Love that they stay open late and open everyday. So convenient. Thanks guys for treating my girl as is she was family!"
  • "I’m planning to travel with my baby cat. In order to do that she has to do a Rabies Neutralization Antibody Testing from certified lab. I was lucky to reach out Dr. Gill. He explained to me throughly and helped me to get it done. I would recommend Dr. Gill to everyone who needs professional and friendly help on their loved pets."
  • "I’m very happy with the service and prices of the Silicon Valley Pet Clinic. I have gotten quotes from other vets around and SVPC offers the best value! I took my dog in to get some growths removed and get this teeth cleaned."
  • "My 16 yr old cat Pete had some green discharge coming from his eye. I recently brought a feral kitten in to care for that my cousin found. I figured that Pete probably got scratched in the eye from the little guy."
  • "I was very nervous to have her spayed, especially after going through an episode of Giardia. She has been dealing with poop that is not consistent and we are doing some probiotic treatment."